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Food Combining Plus Routine Zumba, Dini Weight Loss 9 Kg

Food Combining Plus Routine Zumba, Dini Weight Loss 9 Kg. Weight Loss Suryani (33) increasingly uphill since she was pregnant. Unfortunately post-birth weight did not go down. Dini was often a matter of bullying his friends.
From the original 50 kg, when pregnant body weight rose to 72 kg, post-birth weight was down only one kilogram only. This then makes Dini trying to find ways to improve his diet. Here's the story of his diet, as written detikHealth on Tuesday (18/4/2017):
Before I got married and had children, my body was ideal. With a height of 168 cm, my body weight at that time only 50 kg. All my clothes are always S or M size. When pregnant, my weight increased 22 kg to 72 kg!

Until then my son was born and was 3 years old, my weight just down a kilo alone. I started getting sullered by the excitement of the people around me about my big body.
Finally one day, I saw a post of one of my cousins ​​on Facebook about diet mayo, I was interested to follow him. Armed with the results of searching, I learned how and men-menu. In 13 days of diet mayo, my weight that was 71 kg down to 67 kg.

After the mayo diet, I tried food combining. In the morning I drank lime juice mixed with warm water. Then breakfast with a bowl of papaya, and in the next hours I eat fruit until lunch time. Even lunch I eat a lot of vegetables combined with protein, usually two boiled eggs grains or tofu tempeh.

My dinner lasted at 6 o'clock in the form of vegetables. For carbohydrates, rice menu I replace with corn or potatoes. Above 6 pm I did not eat anything else. That night I drank a cup of herbal tea without sugar and water.

I replaced cooking oil with olive oil and also allowed myself to cheat every day, only my portion was limited.
For example a bite or two bites only, enough to satisfy the tongue and remove the curiosity of the taste of the food. I also take note of everything I eat every day. That way, I can control the calories that enter my body.

During office breaks, I take 20 minutes zumba time with a co-worker in an empty office room and capitalize on a tutorial from Youtube. The night when the child was asleep, I also took time to exercise using a stepper tool that I rent for 30 minutes.

Currently already running 1.5 months and my weight has fallen 9 kg. My old clothes re-loaded. My weight at the beginning of the 71 kg diet, currently becomes 62 kg. There's still a few pounds of PR, but so far I'm quite satisfied with what I've accomplished.


Jupe Died, Doctor Reminds Cervical Cancer Is Around Us

Cervical cancer that claimed the life of Julia Perez aka Jupe is not a rare disease. This disease is all around us, and can infect anyone.

"Of the 1,000 women, one of whom is infected with cervical cancer," said Prof. Dr. dr Andrijono SpOG (K), Chairman of the Society of Gynecology Ongkologi Indonesia (HOGI) when contacted detikHealth.

Although deadly, transmission of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) can be prevented. This virus, according to Prof. Andrijono contagious among others through sexual contact. By avoiding risky sex behavior, transmission can be prevented.

However, HPV can also be transmitted through other channels, namely contact from skin to skin. Therefore he reminded to always maintain the cleanliness of the reproductive organs, including by not borrowing each other underwear.

"Even through the hands can also, so always keep hand hygiene," said Prof. Andrijono.

Another prevention that can be done is by HPV vaccination. Provision of HPV vaccine can be done on women who are or have not been married.

No less important, the adverse effects of cervical cancer can also be prevented by screening of papsmear and IVA (Acetic Acid Inspection). Screening for early detection is recommended especially for married women.

"Almost 70-80 percent of people with cervical cancer come when it is advanced, it's 2b or stage 3, and can not be done," said Prof. Andrijono.

Facts about Cervical Cancer, Cause of Jupe Perez Died

Innalillahi wa innailaihi rajiun. Actress and sworddut Julia Perez aka Jupe finally exhaling last on Saturday (10/6), right on the 15th day of Ramadan.

Jupe struggle ended already after four months treated at RS Cipto Mangunkusumo Jakarta. The departure of the woman who is familiarly called Jupe is again reminded the importance of maintaining health, especially cervical (cervix) from cancer attack.

Here's a little facts about cancer that claimed the life of Jupe as summarized detikHealth from various sources:

1. Occurs in the cervix

The cervix is ​​also called the cervix. This is the lower part of the uterus that connects it to the vagina. While the cancer itself occurs because there are abnormal cells that grow uncontrollably in the cervix.

It should be underlined that this cancer can attack women at any age, but tend to be more in women who are sexually active.

2. No symptoms

In the early stages, this cancer generally does not show special symptoms. However, as expressed by Dr. Unedo, SpOG (K) Onk from RSUD WZ Yohanes Kupang, there are some typical symptoms that unfortunately, still often overlooked.

"The most commonly usually like whiteness that does not heal, constantly happening, whiteness is indeed a normal condition, but if the trigger is there and avoided yes it must be healed, but if this is not," said Dr. Unedo.

Whitish that appears also related to the risk of cervical cancer was generally seem unusual. Dr. Unedo explains that whiteness is considered risky ie greenish yellow, smelly and itchy. Whereas in normal conditions, vaginal discharge is usually clear or white, then it does not smell and does not trigger the itching in the area of ​​sex organs.

3. Public awareness of cervical cancer is very less

Basic Health Research Data 2013 mentions cervical cancer with breast cancer to cancer with the highest prevalence rate in Indonesia.

According to Dr. Sonar Soni Panigoro, SpB (K) ONk, in principle, the cervix can be seen immediately when screened so that early detection can be done.

"So why in a developing country like Africa, Indonesia is still high (cervical cancer cases) because he (the community) is lazy (early detection)," said the deputy chairman of the National Cancer Countermeasures Committee (KPKN).

4. New check in advanced stage

Dr. Antony Atmadja, SpOG from RS Mitra Keluarga Bekasi reveals, 70 percent of cervical cancer patients come to the hospital in an advanced state. "That's because when the symptoms appear new check," he said.

Symptoms of advanced stage in cervical cancer itself include:
1. After bleeding after sex
2. Menstruation is longer duration and more than usual
3. Pelvic pain
4. Pain when having sex
5. Appearing whitish smells sting

"Actually, leucorrhea is not necessarily a sign of disease, it can appear as a result of infection, so check it regularly," continued Dr. Antony.

5. Cervical cancer can be prevented

In addition to easy 'diintip', the cause of cervical cancer itself has been known that HPV. "The vaccine is already there, the detection is already there, papsmear and IVA (Vaginal Inspection with Acetic Acid) .So this 100 percent can be prevented," said Prof. Dr. dr Andrijono, SpOG, KFER from RS Cipto Mangunkusumo.

But now the problem is the high price of HPV vaccine. But Prof. Andri hopes this vaccine can be incorporated into the national vaccination program, which means borne by the government in financing, so the prevalence of cervical cancer in Indonesian society can be lowered.

6. Treatment is easy

The extent of fatality of cervical cancer is actually quite low, as long as the symptoms have been detected early on. Prof Andri explained, cervical cancer ideally treated with cryotherapy.

"This is in accordance with the WHO guidelines, 'screen with HPV-DNA, treat with cryotherapy' because of its very low morbidity," he explained.

In addition, cryotherapy can be done anywhere and anytime. This dismisses the notion that cryotherapy can only be done in the operating room.

"Please eliminate this view because cryotherapy can be done anytime, at the clinic or puskesmas, even the patient can go out and get cheap and in 2 weeks the result is good," he said.

Early Detection of Cervical Cancer, Who is the 'Compulsory' to Do It?

Early Detection of Cervical Cancer, Who is the 'Compulsory' to Do It. Cervical cancer that claimed the life of Julia Perez alias Jupe can infect anyone. Early detection is needed to prevent death from late handling.

"All women who are sexually active must perform early detection," the message Dr. Nurdadi Saleh, SpOG from the Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology Indonesia (POGI) when contacted detikHealth, Saturday (10/06/2017).

Early detection, according to Dr. Nurdadi conducted among others with acetic acid acceleration. Some people call it IVA (Visual Inspection of Acetic Acid), which is often spoofed into your 'Vaginal Intip'. Can also with another technique that is papsmear.

According to Dr. Nurdadi, early detection should be done once a year. The earlier cervical cancer is detected, then the chances of recovery will be greater. Unfortunately, most people with cervical cancer come when it is an advanced stage.

Another prevention that can be done is to avoid risky sex behavior. The most important advice is to be faithful to each other's partner, and if necessary then the protection of using a condom can reduce the risk of transmission of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) causes cervical cancer.

No less important, Dr. Nurdadi reminded that HPV infection can be prevented by vaccination. Teen age is most ideal for vaccination, because it takes about 5 years from injection to completely protected from HPV infection.

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Commonly Used Athletes, What's the Use of Nipple Plaster?

Commonly Used Athletes, What's the Use of Nipple Plaster. Nipple plaster is a plaster that matches its name used on the nipple. In the history of its use this nipple plaster is commonly used by athletes, but later developed and in Japan there is a recent trend in which nipple plaster is used also for dating.

Dr. Michael Triangto, SpKO, sports health experts from Mitra Kemayoran Hospital explained for the athletes themselves plaster nipples are often used as a deterrent of irritation. In women running athletes such as up and down movements that are produced when running can make nipples continue to rub with clothes.

Commonly Used Athletes, What's the Use of Nipple Plaster?

Meanwhile, the salt content of dried sweat can feel like sandpaper for the skin.

"Especially for running long distances, sometimes can trigger blisters on the nipple because of a swipe when bouncing (shaking)," said Dr. Michael told detikHealth some time ago.

In Japan, nippers are used by men to disguise prominent nipples during a date.

Nipple plaster is usually used in combination with a sports bra. Plaster made of flexible and waterproof material so that the sweat that flows or rain will not be desperate to enter the sensitive breast area.

But for the runners, this plaster nipple man may not be too popular. The reason is that men can easily avoid the risk of irritation with shirtless.

The level of irritation that can occur in the nipples themselves when running can vary from mild as the symptoms of feeling sore, dry, reddened skin to extreme cases such as bloody cracks. People with sensitive skin are called more at risk for this irritation.

Quoted from Livestrong to handle the irritated nipple can be by giving ice compress or moisturizing cream. If the irritation is severe enough to bleed it is also advisable to clean it with antiseptic fluid to avoid the risk of infection. 

Benefits of Kolang-Kaling: for Diet To Relieve Heat

Benefits of Kolang-Kaling: for Diet To Relieve Heat. Many people who use the fruits Kolang kaling as a mixture for food or drink. It is said that fruit derived from palm trees has health benefits, especially for those who diet.

According to Nutritionist Mochamad Aldis Rusliadi SKM According to nutritionist Mochamad Aldis Rusliadi SKM, raw collars (not canned or syrup mixed) are naturally low-calorie and low-fat fiber sources. Also kolang kaling also rich in potassium.

"There is no special benefit for health anyway, it's just Kolang kaling this could be a source of fiber, help make full without any excess calories," said Aldis to detikHealth.

The same thing is expressed also by a nutritionist, Leona Victoria Djajadi MND, this unique shaped fruit can be an alternative to healthy snacks to lose weight because the carbohydrate content is only 11g / 100g.

"Make descend weight as a healthy snack can. But that does not mean eating Kolang Kaling then can lose weight like drinking medicine, it can not," said this University of Sydney graduate.

If judging from the nutritional content, added Victoria, in addition to diet, kolang kaling actually also has a very high water content so good to smooth the gastrointestinal tract and relieve heat in.

This is why Stomach Fast Hungry Although Already Eat Kenyang When Sahur

This is why Stomach Fast Hungry Although Already Eat Kenyang When Sahur. Jakarta, Sahur is someone's opportunity to fill the energy. Well, this sometimes makes a person to eat food to excessive and make sense of satiety. Then, satiety at the time of dawn is definitely guarantee 'strong' fasting during the day?

Responding to this, dr Yustina Anie Indriastuti, MSc, SpGK said basically satiety at dawn does not guarantee a person's strong fast during the day. Because the emergence of hunger associated with some of the conditions of a person.

"For example, people are sick and taking certain medicines can cause hunger fast," Dr Anie said in a conversation with detikHealth recently.

This is why Stomach Fast Hungry Although Already Eat Kenyang When Sahur

Fire, where did the hunger actually come from? Check out the following Fun Fact videos:

 Dr. Anie explained that eating too much at dawn can cause an uncomfortable feeling like full and easily sleepy. Because the blood flows to the stomach for the process of digestion.

Contacted separately, nutritionist Jansen Ongko, MSc, RD says eating too much during dawn can trigger stomach acid disorders and burden the digestive process. As a result, the stomach will feel sore and painful.

"Well, it can trigger nausea, bloating, vomiting and even diarrhea.This actually makes the body feel weak and lose fluid," said Jansen.

Therefore he suggested using the meal to eat food sufficiently. The most important thing is the nutritional selection of the food itself.

Study: Drug Nausea Claimed Can Help Overcome Sleep Apnea

Study: Drug Nausea Claimed Can Help Overcome Sleep Apnea. Dronabinol, one of the drugs for nausea and vomiting, is commonly used by cancer patients to relieve nausea while undergoing chemotherapy. A recent study called dronabinol has another benefit, which helps overcome sleep apnea.

Professor David Carley of the University of Illinois, Chicago, along with Professor Phyllis Zee of Northwestern University, conducted a study to see the benefits of dronabinol in sleep apnea patients. It was found that the use of dronabinol was able to improve sleep quality in sleep apnea patients.

Study: Drug Nausea Claimed Can Help Overcome Sleep Apnea

The study was conducted by dividing sleep apnea patients into three groups. The first group used high doses of dronabinol, the second group used low-dose dronabinol and the third group used placebo.

The study said the first group to use 10 mg of doses of dronabinol for 6 weeks experienced improved sleep quality. Patients claim to rarely wake up at night, not feeling sleepy and lack of sleep during the move and a better mood.

"Currently there is no drug specifically intended to treat sleep apnea, although research in this sector is very important because 22 million people in the US is suffering from sleep apnea," said Prof. Carley, quoted from EurekAlert!

It is not clear what causes dronabinol to have a beneficial effect on sleep apnea patients. Researchers suspect this is caused by the effects of dronabinol that relaxes the airways and digestion so that air can get in and out into the lungs without a hitch.

Sleep apnea is a sleep disorder in the form of sudden breathing cessation during sleep. Symptoms of sleep apnea include snoring, stopping breathing for a moment, often waking up at night to urinate, choking, and choking on sleep.

The CPAP device or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure is the first and most effective non-surgical sleep apnea treatment available for adults today.

CPAP is a tool to breathe oxygen into the nose only or into the nose and mouth. This positive pressure air will prevent the throat closing and relieve symptoms that arise from sleep apnea.

Drink Lots When Break Fasting, Can Happen Overhydration?

Drink Lots When Break Fasting, Can Happen Overhydration? At the time of fasting, the body did not get a fluid intake. Therefore experts advise that we consume enough water at dawn and break the fast.

Related to this some people may think because when fasting the body needs enough fluids, then the consumption of water must be more. Well whether it can cause someone to experience excess fluid (overhydration)?

Drink Lots When Break Fasting, Can Happen Overhydration?

When met at Sky Loft Restaurant, All Seasons Hotel Jakarta, Thamrin, Central Jakarta, recently, clinical nutrition specialist Dr. Dian Permatasari, MGizi, SpGK said that overhydration in healthy and normal people is actually very rare.

"Water is adjusted to the needs of our body is 30-40 milligrams per kilogram of body weight per day," he added.

To meet the intake of body fluids, simply by consuming water as much as 8 glasses per day is no exception at the time of fasting. White water requirement per day can be fulfilled with 2-4-2 formation, that is 2 glasses during breaking, 4 glass after breaking until before sleep, and 2 glass at dawn.
But Dr. Dian reminds patients with heart disease and patients who have kidney disorders that overhydration can indeed happen to them. At the time of overhydration, excess fluid that enters the body will make the sodium content in the blood stream is reduced.
Sodium serves to keep the fluid balance outside and inside the cells of the human body. When the body is deprived of sodium, the fluid outside the cell will go in, causing the cell to swell.
"If most of the water can be submerged, then shortness of breath.If shortness of breath can swell the whole body, consequently could die," he concluded.
Therefore, Dr. Dian advises patients with heart disease and patients who have kidney disorders to consult with a physician first before fasting.

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Hobby Wearing Mascara Expires, It Effects To The Eyes

Note your cosmetic expiration date, including mascara. Desperate use of mascara that has passed the expiration date can make eye infection, even to the blind.

Quoted from the Daily Mail, eye health expert Luke Arundel mentioned that in a study published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Science, as many as 97.9 percent of participants reported the use of cosmetics expired. The most widely used product is mascara.

Though based on microbiological analysis of 40 samples of expired mascara, found the presence of bad bacteria and fungi that can cause eye infections.

Therefore, when using cosmetics you need to make sure that the product is still safe and has not passed the expiration date. If it is, then think twice to keep using it.

Immediately consult a doctor if you then experience pain in the eyes, watery eyes, itching after using expired mascara. It could be a symptom of infection due to expired use of the product.

"Many people are reluctant to check with a doctor and keep the itching in his eyes for months, but if symptoms like this continue, you should check with your ophthalmologist immediately."

Though you feel the vision is still fine and undisturbed, Arundel insists that the only thing that can ensure eye condition is to do a comprehensive eye exam.

"This is the only way to detect a more serious possibility in the eye, which may lead to blindness," Arundel's message.
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