Facts about Cervical Cancer, Cause of Jupe Perez Died

Innalillahi wa innailaihi rajiun. Actress and sworddut Julia Perez aka Jupe finally exhaling last on Saturday (10/6), right on the 15th day of Ramadan.

Jupe struggle ended already after four months treated at RS Cipto Mangunkusumo Jakarta. The departure of the woman who is familiarly called Jupe is again reminded the importance of maintaining health, especially cervical (cervix) from cancer attack.

Here's a little facts about cancer that claimed the life of Jupe as summarized detikHealth from various sources:

1. Occurs in the cervix

The cervix is ​​also called the cervix. This is the lower part of the uterus that connects it to the vagina. While the cancer itself occurs because there are abnormal cells that grow uncontrollably in the cervix.

It should be underlined that this cancer can attack women at any age, but tend to be more in women who are sexually active.

2. No symptoms

In the early stages, this cancer generally does not show special symptoms. However, as expressed by Dr. Unedo, SpOG (K) Onk from RSUD WZ Yohanes Kupang, there are some typical symptoms that unfortunately, still often overlooked.

"The most commonly usually like whiteness that does not heal, constantly happening, whiteness is indeed a normal condition, but if the trigger is there and avoided yes it must be healed, but if this is not," said Dr. Unedo.

Whitish that appears also related to the risk of cervical cancer was generally seem unusual. Dr. Unedo explains that whiteness is considered risky ie greenish yellow, smelly and itchy. Whereas in normal conditions, vaginal discharge is usually clear or white, then it does not smell and does not trigger the itching in the area of ​​sex organs.

3. Public awareness of cervical cancer is very less

Basic Health Research Data 2013 mentions cervical cancer with breast cancer to cancer with the highest prevalence rate in Indonesia.

According to Dr. Sonar Soni Panigoro, SpB (K) ONk, in principle, the cervix can be seen immediately when screened so that early detection can be done.

"So why in a developing country like Africa, Indonesia is still high (cervical cancer cases) because he (the community) is lazy (early detection)," said the deputy chairman of the National Cancer Countermeasures Committee (KPKN).

4. New check in advanced stage

Dr. Antony Atmadja, SpOG from RS Mitra Keluarga Bekasi reveals, 70 percent of cervical cancer patients come to the hospital in an advanced state. "That's because when the symptoms appear new check," he said.

Symptoms of advanced stage in cervical cancer itself include:
1. After bleeding after sex
2. Menstruation is longer duration and more than usual
3. Pelvic pain
4. Pain when having sex
5. Appearing whitish smells sting

"Actually, leucorrhea is not necessarily a sign of disease, it can appear as a result of infection, so check it regularly," continued Dr. Antony.

5. Cervical cancer can be prevented

In addition to easy 'diintip', the cause of cervical cancer itself has been known that HPV. "The vaccine is already there, the detection is already there, papsmear and IVA (Vaginal Inspection with Acetic Acid) .So this 100 percent can be prevented," said Prof. Dr. dr Andrijono, SpOG, KFER from RS Cipto Mangunkusumo.

But now the problem is the high price of HPV vaccine. But Prof. Andri hopes this vaccine can be incorporated into the national vaccination program, which means borne by the government in financing, so the prevalence of cervical cancer in Indonesian society can be lowered.

6. Treatment is easy

The extent of fatality of cervical cancer is actually quite low, as long as the symptoms have been detected early on. Prof Andri explained, cervical cancer ideally treated with cryotherapy.

"This is in accordance with the WHO guidelines, 'screen with HPV-DNA, treat with cryotherapy' because of its very low morbidity," he explained.

In addition, cryotherapy can be done anywhere and anytime. This dismisses the notion that cryotherapy can only be done in the operating room.

"Please eliminate this view because cryotherapy can be done anytime, at the clinic or puskesmas, even the patient can go out and get cheap and in 2 weeks the result is good," he said.