Saturday, May 6, 2017

Pregnant Women Asked Not to Play A Phone, This is The Reason!

Pregnant Women Asked Not to Play A Phone, This is The Reason! Again, this is more effect about mobile. Pregnant women are advised to stay away from cell phones because of the radiation effects. This is evidenced by Laura Birks, a researcher from Barcelona Institute for Global Health, Spain, after analyzing data on more than 80,000 mother and child pairs in Spain, Denmark, Norway, Holland, and Korea.

The result, Birks noticed an increased risk of behavioral disorders. Mainly hyperactive in children aged 5-7 years who are directly proportional to the frequency of using his mother's cell phone while pregnant.

In children whose mothers use a cell phone, in which case calling, 4 times a day or calling for more than an hour a day is 28 percent more likely to be hyperactive than a child from an infrequent mother, at least one call a day.

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But children whose mothers never use cell phones while pregnant do have a lower risk of behavioral and emotional disorders than children whose mothers often spend time with their cell phones.

It's just that Birks can not explain with certainty whether this is due to electromagnetic radiation from the phone or something to do with other factors like parenting.

"I just say it's better to use the phone in a moderate frequency, no need to overdo, it does not mean really away from the phone," he told Reuters.

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In response to this study, Dr. Robin Hansen, a pediatric medical specialist at the University of California, Davis, thought the study was inappropriate because it was thought that the patterns, habits, and personalities of parents when caring for their children were thought to play a role in determining hyperactive risks in children.

"When more parents look at their phones and fail to respond their children, then your child will learn how to get attention quickly, but to get your attention they may have to cry, throw something or make noise. Which then trigger hyperactivity, if left for long, "he explained.

Prior to this study, in 2012, there has been a study by Yale University that also found a link between mobile phone use during pregnancy to fetal brain growth.

The difference, at that time researchers just reached the conclusion from the observation of rats. This study also received criticism because no matter the body condition of female rats can not represent the human condition, although both pregnant.
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