Tuesday, April 21, 2015

One More Benefits of Broccoli, Can Prevent Cancer

For those of you who like broccoli, may you be happy. Because scientists in the United States found that broccoli can protect you from cancer of the mouth, throat, neck and head.

As reported Mirror, Monday (20/04/2015), although in this study broccoli proved effective in mice, but scientists are optimistic can pass the broccoli therapy clinical trials for cancer patients.

Professor Dr. Julie Bauman of the University of Pittsburgh said, patients who recover from cancer of the head and neck are still at high risk for cancer of the mouth or throat. So if the experiment is successful broccoli, then the natural molecules that are found in these vegetables may reduce the risk of cancer.

"This study was carried out tests on sulforaphane in the laboratory. For several months, this compound protects mice from cancer," he said.

Professor of Medicine, Dr. Daniel Johnson also welcomed the study. He said the benefits of sulforaphane not only be tolerated by the body but also prevent cancer.

The findings, presented at the American Association for Cancer Research Annual Meeting in Philadelphia included 10 volunteers who ate broccoli extract-sulforaphane.

"Therapy which we refer to as 'green chemoprevention' is predicted to save the patient and more easily disseminated in developing countries," said Bauman.

Previously, a study conducted in China by researchers from Johns Hopkins University found that the green shoots in broccoli may help remove air pollutants from the body. Besides sulforaphane which can counteract free radicals, glucoraphanin content in broccoli also shown to have anti-cancer properties.
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