Thursday, June 8, 2017

Benefits of Kolang-Kaling: for Diet To Relieve Heat

Benefits of Kolang-Kaling: for Diet To Relieve Heat. Many people who use the fruits Kolang kaling as a mixture for food or drink. It is said that fruit derived from palm trees has health benefits, especially for those who diet.

According to Nutritionist Mochamad Aldis Rusliadi SKM According to nutritionist Mochamad Aldis Rusliadi SKM, raw collars (not canned or syrup mixed) are naturally low-calorie and low-fat fiber sources. Also kolang kaling also rich in potassium.

"There is no special benefit for health anyway, it's just Kolang kaling this could be a source of fiber, help make full without any excess calories," said Aldis to detikHealth.

The same thing is expressed also by a nutritionist, Leona Victoria Djajadi MND, this unique shaped fruit can be an alternative to healthy snacks to lose weight because the carbohydrate content is only 11g / 100g.

"Make descend weight as a healthy snack can. But that does not mean eating Kolang Kaling then can lose weight like drinking medicine, it can not," said this University of Sydney graduate.

If judging from the nutritional content, added Victoria, in addition to diet, kolang kaling actually also has a very high water content so good to smooth the gastrointestinal tract and relieve heat in.
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