Sunday, June 11, 2017

Food Combining Plus Routine Zumba, Dini Weight Loss 9 Kg

Food Combining Plus Routine Zumba, Dini Weight Loss 9 Kg. Weight Loss Suryani (33) increasingly uphill since she was pregnant. Unfortunately post-birth weight did not go down. Dini was often a matter of bullying his friends.
From the original 50 kg, when pregnant body weight rose to 72 kg, post-birth weight was down only one kilogram only. This then makes Dini trying to find ways to improve his diet. Here's the story of his diet, as written detikHealth on Tuesday (18/4/2017):
Before I got married and had children, my body was ideal. With a height of 168 cm, my body weight at that time only 50 kg. All my clothes are always S or M size. When pregnant, my weight increased 22 kg to 72 kg!

Until then my son was born and was 3 years old, my weight just down a kilo alone. I started getting sullered by the excitement of the people around me about my big body.
Finally one day, I saw a post of one of my cousins ​​on Facebook about diet mayo, I was interested to follow him. Armed with the results of searching, I learned how and men-menu. In 13 days of diet mayo, my weight that was 71 kg down to 67 kg.

After the mayo diet, I tried food combining. In the morning I drank lime juice mixed with warm water. Then breakfast with a bowl of papaya, and in the next hours I eat fruit until lunch time. Even lunch I eat a lot of vegetables combined with protein, usually two boiled eggs grains or tofu tempeh.

My dinner lasted at 6 o'clock in the form of vegetables. For carbohydrates, rice menu I replace with corn or potatoes. Above 6 pm I did not eat anything else. That night I drank a cup of herbal tea without sugar and water.

I replaced cooking oil with olive oil and also allowed myself to cheat every day, only my portion was limited.
For example a bite or two bites only, enough to satisfy the tongue and remove the curiosity of the taste of the food. I also take note of everything I eat every day. That way, I can control the calories that enter my body.

During office breaks, I take 20 minutes zumba time with a co-worker in an empty office room and capitalize on a tutorial from Youtube. The night when the child was asleep, I also took time to exercise using a stepper tool that I rent for 30 minutes.

Currently already running 1.5 months and my weight has fallen 9 kg. My old clothes re-loaded. My weight at the beginning of the 71 kg diet, currently becomes 62 kg. There's still a few pounds of PR, but so far I'm quite satisfied with what I've accomplished.

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