Thursday, June 8, 2017

Commonly Used Athletes, What's the Use of Nipple Plaster?

Commonly Used Athletes, What's the Use of Nipple Plaster. Nipple plaster is a plaster that matches its name used on the nipple. In the history of its use this nipple plaster is commonly used by athletes, but later developed and in Japan there is a recent trend in which nipple plaster is used also for dating.

Dr. Michael Triangto, SpKO, sports health experts from Mitra Kemayoran Hospital explained for the athletes themselves plaster nipples are often used as a deterrent of irritation. In women running athletes such as up and down movements that are produced when running can make nipples continue to rub with clothes.

Commonly Used Athletes, What's the Use of Nipple Plaster?

Meanwhile, the salt content of dried sweat can feel like sandpaper for the skin.

"Especially for running long distances, sometimes can trigger blisters on the nipple because of a swipe when bouncing (shaking)," said Dr. Michael told detikHealth some time ago.

In Japan, nippers are used by men to disguise prominent nipples during a date.

Nipple plaster is usually used in combination with a sports bra. Plaster made of flexible and waterproof material so that the sweat that flows or rain will not be desperate to enter the sensitive breast area.

But for the runners, this plaster nipple man may not be too popular. The reason is that men can easily avoid the risk of irritation with shirtless.

The level of irritation that can occur in the nipples themselves when running can vary from mild as the symptoms of feeling sore, dry, reddened skin to extreme cases such as bloody cracks. People with sensitive skin are called more at risk for this irritation.

Quoted from Livestrong to handle the irritated nipple can be by giving ice compress or moisturizing cream. If the irritation is severe enough to bleed it is also advisable to clean it with antiseptic fluid to avoid the risk of infection. 
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