Monday, May 1, 2017

After Shaving The Pubic Hair, This Mother Barely Lost A Leg

The unexpected activity of shaving pubic hair and even make mom suffered a severe infection. Not only almost lost a leg, even this infection can be deadly.

This story begins when Dana Sedgewick (44), shaving the pubic hair with a razor. Unfortunately, there is a bit of a wound in his groin due to exposed razor it.

Well, some time later appeared a red rash on his leg. That surprised even the rash so blackened. The doctor mentions the Fund experienced an infection Necrotizing fasciitis, a meat eater. So the doctors staged the operation to remove the black part and rot.

Luckily the Fund can survive. "Wake up, my legs have already wrapped a bandage and I don't remember what happened. I think I just had a car accident, " said Dana, quoted from

Then the doctor broached the problem of shaving and funds instantly reminded of severe infection, before experiencing her got shaved pubic hair. "Doctors said the wound in the groin I was infected. But lucky I can survive, "he added.

Operation ever held to refine the skin damaged Funds. For the next four years into the future, the funds must go through 21 operations. In addition, the Fund still hears the bad news of his condition because the doctor mentions the possibility of himself will not be able to walk again. Luckily a doctor's prediction failed. After undergoing physiotherapy on a regular basis, the Fund was able to walk again despite having to use a cane.

For 10 hours, the doctor fought save away the funds. The medical team initially cut the seven inches of skin that is infected. Then they brought out a sick flesh and covering it with skin from his back funds.

Quoted from the Daily Mail, the Fund suffered asepsis during the procedure takes place. To increase the success of survival, Dana was left comatose for nine days. According to doctors, the funds have only a 30 percent chance of survival due to the experienced kidney failure and his heart even got stopped four times.
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