Sunday, June 11, 2017

Early Detection of Cervical Cancer, Who is the 'Compulsory' to Do It?

Early Detection of Cervical Cancer, Who is the 'Compulsory' to Do It. Cervical cancer that claimed the life of Julia Perez alias Jupe can infect anyone. Early detection is needed to prevent death from late handling.

"All women who are sexually active must perform early detection," the message Dr. Nurdadi Saleh, SpOG from the Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology Indonesia (POGI) when contacted detikHealth, Saturday (10/06/2017).

Early detection, according to Dr. Nurdadi conducted among others with acetic acid acceleration. Some people call it IVA (Visual Inspection of Acetic Acid), which is often spoofed into your 'Vaginal Intip'. Can also with another technique that is papsmear.

According to Dr. Nurdadi, early detection should be done once a year. The earlier cervical cancer is detected, then the chances of recovery will be greater. Unfortunately, most people with cervical cancer come when it is an advanced stage.

Another prevention that can be done is to avoid risky sex behavior. The most important advice is to be faithful to each other's partner, and if necessary then the protection of using a condom can reduce the risk of transmission of HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) causes cervical cancer.

No less important, Dr. Nurdadi reminded that HPV infection can be prevented by vaccination. Teen age is most ideal for vaccination, because it takes about 5 years from injection to completely protected from HPV infection.
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