Friday, March 20, 2015

Best Baby Food Like Gerber and Nestle Cerelac

Do you believe that Baby Food you feed to your Baby matters lot? The researches that carried by the experts about the New Born baby Food & Food for Different age group suggest a lot, which really surprise you. I hope many knew to some extent about the Infant Food, which can be

'    The Breast Milk

'    Cow or buffalo milk

'    Nestle Cerelac

'    Enfamil A+

'    Gerber Baby Food or

'    Traditional Food Approaches

'    Fruits & Vegetables

'    Meat

All the Food for Baby mentioned above makes the baby food complete, but many times I wish to make you aware of which would be best & how can it impact on the child

Breast Milk

I really appreciate the mothers who love to feed the Breast Milk, it has lot of advantages. The mother milk gives immunity to the kids, which allows the baby to resist & fight against the infection. The Breast Milk that contains all the essentials required for the Baby Development also maintains a good metabolism that keeps the kid most attentive & live in all the situations. Digestion of this feed is easily, Avoids obesity & Diabetes; I can say that it can make the difference when compared to the baby not fed with the mother Breast milk.

Cow or buffalo milk

The mothers who really can't feed their kid with the breast milk in case of lack of production or due to the health problems then the best recommended is the Cow or Buffalo Milk, this milk is bit harder to digest when compared the mother milk, hence its always better to feed with small quantity or be ensured to feed at frequent intervals of time at the appropriate quantity. But never to feed the raw milk without boiling, though it is rich with its values may contain some of the microorganisms hence to be ensured the sterilization of Milk before feeding.

Nestle Cerelac

I can say that this can be a better approach as a 6 Months Baby Food, & can be fed to all 6 Months & above Baby. The Nestle Cerelac was brought to the market to ensure that it can be a complete food for the babies who are lacking with the diet, the Cerelac products are highly enriched with most of the values that required for the baby. A physician can better which the product of Cerelac is better to use based on the baby hygiene condition.

Enfamil A+

Indian Baby Food these days also considers Enfamil as the most required making the baby feed complete, that really might have the reason! The Enfamil A+ enriched with all the values that a baby need, that can certainly elite the Baby Care that a Mom does. This can be an easily digestible feed, but excess feeding can't be a good practice.
Gerber Baby Food
This was indexed as the best baby food by many of the mothers who use it; they like to recommend it to all the young mothers to care their New Born Baby. Gerber Foods can also be fed as a good food for 1 year old & the kids who can't digest on the regular food practices.

Traditional Food Approaches
The Indian food practices are the best, but where many of them lacking with knowledge of which food can be better to the kids. The Cereals, Grams & the sprouts & the Ragi Recipes were the best preferred food. I can say that these Baby food Recipes can make a difference to enhance the spirits on the growing kids.

Fruits & Vegetables

It is a known truth to many, that the fruits are very good to use in the diet & keeps them healthy. Banana baby Food is most recommended by many of the mothers, but this should be under the limits where excess feeding with spoil the baby metabolism.


Meat likes the Fish & prawn is very good, but is ensured that should never feed to the too young Baby. The young Baby feels difficulty to digest the meat like the Chicken or Mutton, though they has some values one need to be always cautious on the matter of baby Food Practices.
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